'80s Flashback Comedy Music Podcast Series

Hammer Alley is the comedy music podcast and mockumentary tale of an ’80s rock band, and their dumpster-fire career. Alice Cooper said, “In the 80s, there were a thousand bands trying to make it in the world of rock. Most of them sucked, but there was one band that could’ve had it all – Hammer Alley.”

Where did it all go wrong? Find out in this first-ever pod-com (podcast situation comedy), and best original music podcast for 2021.

Limited podcast series from Kaufman-Perri & Friends

BONUS Mini-Episode 6 Just Added!  Check it out below!

Hammer Alley Podcast Series Episodes

Podcast Trailer – 90 Seconds That Will Rock Your World

Get a feel of what it was like to be a rock star in the ’80s, to a burnout in more recent times.  One thing’s for sure, Hammer Alley rocks!


Podcast Episode 1 – Opportunity Rocks

Alice Cooper introduces the unbelievable story of an ’80s rock band that lasted a lunch time.  All these years later, they have a major second chance.  Find out where it originally went wrong, and how it could all turn around for Hammer Alley.  Includes their song “Everybody’s Goin’ to the Show (Let’s Go!)”


Podcast Episode 2 – Cock-a-Doodle Don’t

Slim Jimmy has a simple idea to find the missing master tapes of their rock “classic.”  In another ’80s flashback, Hammer Alley takes to the FM radio waves to talk about the loss in the band.  Their career soon gets rocked. (Bonus outtakes of an ad libbed scene.)


Podcast Episode 3 – Dash It All to Pieces

How does an ’80s rock band write a kick-ass song?  How will Slim Jimmy do as a guest at the MVTV Spring Break event?  And what idea will Slim Jimmy present to the band to make everything right?  (Bonus outtakes)


Podcast Episode 4 – Memorial Disservice

Will the beach side vigil for Dash go as planned?  What if you were in the studio when they wrote and performed their heartfelt rocker, “Fire in the Hole”?  Well, get ready, because you’re almost there!  (Bonus outtakes, and the song “Fire in the Hole”)


Podcast Episode 5 – Who Is Dick Shanks?

Who is the record company owner who foils the rockin’ path of Hammer Alley?  Get to know Dick, and take the twists to a cliff hanger, higher than the one Dash drove off of, in this season 1 finale.


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Smart with a lot of double entendres

You really have to listen to each episode at least twice to make sure you catch all the funny quips and double entendre’s.


I can’t believe I just found this and from an ad no less not bc it’s on the recommendation list and that’s a CRIME!!! Pick comedy, fiction, new and noteworthy it could be in any and should be in ALL!!!! Great acting, writing, production!!!

Way to Rock back Out!

I’m a big podcaster fan & have been since talk radio decades ago. Very grateful for these guys & what they bring to the table. Sharing with all my friends & family. They are very unique, funny, & never a dull moment. Much respect for your efforts. Much obliged for the love you spread

Everybody is definitely going to the show

If you always liked Firesign Theatre but wondered why they did not have more 80’s rock, this is the podcast for you. With just the right amount of cow bell, guitar solos, and fake British managers, Hammer Alley is an original, hilariously entertaining trip back to the glory days.

The Names, The Music, The Nail on the Head

Just finished listening to the first episode, bravo I say. I hope there is a Bloodstain Limited Edition something or other, maybe a bloody guitar pick. The story is fun, the sounds and music editing is great and the characters are ones you simply have to know more about. Let’s Go, get with it, don’t delay and spend part of your day in Hammer Alley.
Big Gair

Well produced

Great music

Master Caster

Preposterous! Really enjoyed it, never heard any podcast like it, wow, refreshing! Something new! Funny and entertaining!
Myster Caster

Love it!

What a fun podcast! Takes me way back to the 80s.

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